bits o’ grace

News Flashes From The Havre de Grace Department of Economic Development.

7/8/2015  In Memory of Leo P. Heppner

6/29/2015   Two Good Programs 

6/15/2015:  Congratulations 2015 HdG Economic Development Award

6/1/2015:  Welcome and New Beginnings

4/8/2015: More Recognition and Reasons to Love HdG!

3/27/2015  Everyone Makes a Difference 

3/17/2015:  Going Green

3/11/2015:  Another Special Distinction

3/9/2015:  HDG Arts: Uncensored and Censored

2/24/2015:  WELCOME to Royal Farms on Rt. 40 in HdG!

1/23/2015  Helping The Community!!

1/21/2015   A New Opportunity 

1/5/2015    Microsoft Small Business Contest 

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