Administrative Services

Evidence Function

The Administrative Services Division encompasses many responsibilities that support the day to day operations of the Havre de Grace Police Department. Under this Division are the Police Communication Operators, or PCO’s, which are the first point of contact for our citizens calling for help or entering our station. Our PCO’s receive emergency calls for service, dispatch officers to those calls, answer citizen questions over the phone, and assist citizens that enter the Police Station. Our Police Communication Operators are non-sworn personnel who work permanent 8 hour shifts that cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Evidence Clerk is another civilian position that falls under the Administrative Services Division. The Evidence Clerk is responsible for documenting and maintaining all evidence that is secured by the Officers and Detectives of the Havre de Grace Police Department. This position is crucial to the successful prosecution of criminal cases.

Criminal Records

Another position under the Administrative Services Division is the Criminal Secretary. The Criminal Secretary is responsible for maintaining all records related to criminal cases, traffic offenses, and court documents.

Community Resource Officer and PIO

The only sworn position under the Administrative Services Division is that of the Community Resource and Public Information Officer. This officer is responsible for creating and maintaining community oriented programs such as Neighborhood Watch and other types of crime prevention programs. Along with the duties of crime prevention, the Administrative Officer is also responsible for all dissemination of information to the various media outlets. The Administrative Officer also assists with conducting annual mandatory training in order for the department to remain in compliance with the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission.