Criminal Investigation Division

One of the most important aspects to law enforcement is building a concrete case to achieve a successful prosecution of criminals. To achieve this goal, the Havre de Grace Police Department has a full-time complement of Detectives that work under the Criminal Investigative Division. Detectives assigned to CID work on a fixed schedule along with being on a rotating “On-Call” status. The Detectives are responsible for conducting investigations relating to robberies, sex offenses, burglaries, narcotics activity, and other matters that exceed those of a patrol function.

A key element to our CID is the Crime Scene Technician. In every crime, there is some level of evidence left behind. It is the responsibility of the Crime Scene Technician to locate, collect, process, and document evidence left at a scene. To date, this important function has been responsible for successful prosecution in firearm cases, sex offense cases, and burglary cases.

Along with the Detectives that investigate crimes relating to calls for service, the Havre de Grace Police Department Criminal Investigative Division also has one Detective assigned full-time to the Harford County Joint Narcotics Task Force and one full-time Detective assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration. These Detectives are responsible for conducting narcotics investigations and disrupting the trafficking of illegal narcotics into the City of Havre de Grace and Harford County.