Police Policies

Department Policies

Open communication with our community is paramount for the Havre de Grace Police Department, therefore, we publish our policies for the public to view. While every real life situation is unique every member of the department is expected to use these polices as a guide to make decisions in a professional, impartial and reasonable manner. These policies help guide the actions of our officers and civilian personnel as they perform their daily duties.

Department policies are frequently updated and subject to constant change, or rescinded to accommodate new laws, court decisions, best practices and other factors that may dictate revisions, additions or deletions where it is necessary and appropriate. This is done to better serve our citizens and the Havre de Grace Police Department. Our department has undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of our policies and will be adding additional policies as they are completed.

By law, there are a few policies that have not been included because their release could jeopardize officer or public safety as well as certain operations.

Section 1
Role and Authority
101 Oath of Office
102 Policy Manual

Section 2
Organization and Administration
Document forthcoming.

Section 3
General Orders
300 Use of Force

Section 4
Patrol Operations
Document forthcoming.

Section 5
Traffic Operations
Document forthcoming.

Section 6
Investigation Operations
Document forthcoming.

Section 7
Document forthcoming.

Section 8
Support Services
Document forthcoming.

Section 9
Document forthcoming.

Section 10
Document forthcoming.