Cultural Exchange Commission

Council Member Boyer (Council Liaison)
Deborah Stathes (Chair) 10/21/19 10/21/21
Christopher Stathes 10/21/19 10/21/21
Kapri Walling 10/21/19 10/21/21
Morgan B. Jones 10/21/19 10/21/21
Dona Bushong 10/21/19 10/21/21
Maura Burton 10/21/19 10/21/21
Gail Petrosoff 10/21/19 10/21/21
Wanda Boker 11/4/19 11/4/21
Vicki O’Keefe 11/4/19 11/4/21
Adam R (Staff Liaison)

WHEREAS, on March 18, 2019, it was resolved and ordained by the Mayor and City Council of Havre de Grace to acknowledge “City of Havre de Grace Cultural Exchange
Commission” which established the coordination of developing international community links that foster friendship, commerce, education, tourism, awareness and understanding between the City of  Havre de Grace and Mumbles, Wales, and

WHEREAS, the concept of’twinning’ was conceived after the Second World War in 1947, and was intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures as an act of peace and to encourage trade; and in more recent times has proven to result in a strategic international business relationship that links towns, cities and other forms of community in geographically and politically distinct areas by a form of social agreement which promotes cultural and commercial ties, and

WHEREAS, the City of Havre de Grace made its inaugural visit to Mumbles and signed the Official Twinning Charter on September 7th 2019, when a contingent of Havre de Grace Citizens, including Mayor William T. Martin travelled to Wales to participate in the “twining” ceremony, and WHEREAS, as part of the “Twinning” agreement, the City of Havre de Grace will host a contingent of citizens from Mumbles in October 2020.

NOW THEREFORE, be it determined, decided, and resolved by the Mayor and City Council of Havre de Grace, Maryland that:

1. A “City of Havre de Grace Cultural Exchange Commission be established as a Commission of the City of Havre de Grace
2. The Mayor with the approval of the City Council shall appoint not less than five and no more than eleven members to serve on the Commission, which members shall determine a chair and secretary.
3. The Commission shall coordinate ‘Twinning’ activities and communications between Mumbles, Wales and the City of Havre de Grace.
4. The Commission shall also review and recommend any future “Twinning” requests by other communities
5. The Commission and its members shall serve for a period of 2 years.
6. Six months prior to the expiration of their terms, the Commission shall advise the City of the Commission’s status, and whether the Commission shall be extended; converted to a permanent City Commission, or replaced with a newly created tax exempt organization under 501(c) (3).of the Internal Revenue Code.