Wage and Benefits

Council Liaison: Jim Ringsaker

Current Members

Teresa Walter, Chief of Police
George DeHority, Director of Finance
Patrick Sypolt, Director of Administration
Fred Wills Jr 1/17/2017 12/7/2020
Linda Packard, 3-year term 11/20/2018 11/20/2021
Emory Plitt Jr. 4/2/2018 4/2/2021
Carolyn Zinner 8/20/2018 8/20/2021

§ 25-78. Purpose.

The purpose of the Commission is to provide the Mayor and City Council with recommendations regarding:
A. Strategic direction and consideration of employee benefits and compensation expenses to include employee wage rates, fringe benefits, the employee pension fund, and other post-employee benefits (OPEB), from a funding and budgetary perspective;
B. Exploration of alternative benefits for employees from those benefits currently in place, and analysis through routine reviews and comparisons of other comparable government and municipal employee benefits and compensation to assess the value and validity of current City operations and generate viable alternative solutions;
C. Review of the current personnel manual and recommendations concerning the same;
D. Consultation with the Administration as needed with regard to City Code Chapter 130 and recommendations related to the benefits provided to exempt service employees;
E. Consideration of potential outsourcing opportunities.

§ 25-79. Organization and members.

A. The Commission shall consist of seven voting members, two nonvoting members, and one member, the Chairperson, who shall have voting rights only in the event of a tie vote (all of whom, hereafter, may be referred to as a “membe” or “members”).
B. The Commission shall include:
(1) Four members of the public, three of whom must be citizens of the City of Havre de Grace (hereafter referred to as “City”). These members shall each have voting privileges and shall possess or have demonstrated specific knowledge, or professional or academic training, in fields such as human resources, management, business or other related fields. At least two of the citizen members shall have professional or academic credentials in one or more of the above-listed fields.
(2) Two members of the City Staff, one being the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee and one being the Director of Administration or the Director’s designee. These members shall have voting privileges.

(3) One member of the City Council, who shall have voting privileges and shall be a member of the City Council Budget and Finance Committee.
(4) Two nonvoting members, being the Director of Finance or the Director’s designee, and the Human Resources Manager, and one additional City Council member who serves as Chairperson and only will have voting privileges in the event of a tie. These members may participate fully in the business of the Commission.

§ 25-80. Officers; proceedings; quorum.

A. The Commission shall be chaired by the nonvoting member of the City Council, who shall be responsible for the convening of each meeting. In the event of a tie vote on issues before the Commission, this member shall have the right, but not the requirement, to cast a vote.
B. The Commission shall adopt its own rules of procedure and keep a record of the proceedings. The rules of procedure shall be kept by the Chairperson.
C. A quorum at any meeting shall be a minimum of four voting members, only two of whom shall be a citizen member. The presence of the Chairperson does not count in the determination of a quorum.

§ 25-81. Appointment of members, terms and replacement.

A. Citizen members. The Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council, shall appoint all citizen members pursuant to the qualifications listed for such members. The initial appointment for these members shall be in the form of staggered terms in that one shall be appointed to a term of four years, one appointed for a term of three years, one for a term of two years and one for a term of one year. After the initial appointment of the Commission, members shall serve three-year terms, with the capacity for reappointment. When a citizen member cannot complete his term or is removed from membership by the Mayor with approval of the City Council whenever, in their judgment, the best interests of the Commission will be served thereby, the Mayor shall, with the advice and consent of the City Council, appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of that member’s term.

B. Staff members. These members shall be appointed by the Mayor as described in § 25-79 and shall serve until a replacement member is selected by the Mayor.
C. Council members. These members shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall serve in accordance with their terms as members of the City Council or until a replacement member is selected by the Mayor.

§ 25-82. Scheduling of meetings; recommendations and reports.

A. The Commission shall meet as needed to accomplish the purpose set forth in § 25-78 of this article as it relates to recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. These recommendations shall be delivered in the form of a formal presentation to the Mayor and City Council prior to or at the second regularly scheduled City Council meeting in April of each year.