New Online Payment System Letter to Citizens

September 27, 2013

Dear Havre de Grace Resident:

The City of Havre de Grace will be upgrading its on-line payment system. This new access will go on-line on October 1,

The new system will allow you to access your account on-line and to make payment electronically through your bank or
with a credit card. You can also access your account with any mobile device provided you have internet access.

The new on-line system can be found on the City Web Site at There you will find a link on
the City’s home page.

The new system will allow you to see your property tax and water account balances. You will need to enter an access
code on log in. We have initially set up a standard access code, 1111. You may change this at any time but the City will
not be able to identify your new code once you have changed it.

Before you change your access code, you should be aware that, should you change your access code, it will be your
responsibility to provide the new code to those who may need to access your account. For instance, if you pay your
property taxes through an escrow account because you have a mortgage, you will be responsible for providing your
mortgage company the new access code if you change it. The City will not have access to the changed code and cannot
provide it to them.

You may, of course, have the City reset your access code to the standard. Please contact City Hall through the Contact
Us link on the City web site to have your account reset. This is important so we have a record that you have authorized
us to change your account. Your access code will also be printed on your City bills as a helpful reminder.

We hope you find the new on-line payment system easy and convenient.

George M. DeHority
Finance Director