Winter Reminder


Paraphrasing City Code: 190-38     190-42                                                                                                                             

  • You have 24 hours following a snow/ice storm to clear the walkways in front of your home,office, business.
  •  It is unlawful to shovel/blow snow into the street as it causes  a driving hazard.
  • Do not blow/shovel snow into the street.  Blowing/shoveling the snow into the street creates a driving hazard.  Move the snow into your yard.
  • Clear only your driveway; keep the driveway apron un-cleared until your street has been cleared and the snow has stopped.  Then, shovel/blow the snow from the driveway apron area into the lawn area.
  • If you must clear the driveway apron before the snow has stopped then shovel/blow the snow approximately 25 feet to the right of your driveway when facing it from the street.  This will allow less snow to be plowed prior to passing your driveway apron.
  • Please remove all basketball hoops and other play items from the street or curbside.
  • For your protection, we ask that you clear the snow away from fire hydrants.


Please understand that our City staff also have their own sidewalks and driveways to shovel after a long snow day.  Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Questions:  Please call City of Havre de Grace, Dept. Of Public Works at 410-939-1800