Street & Traffic Safety Advisory Board – October 26

    Public Notice:
    Notice Issued on: 10/23/2020

    Public Body: Street & Traffic Safety Advisory Board
    Meeting Date: 10/26/2020 
    Meeting Time: 6:00 PM 
    Meeting Location:  Virtual 
    Meeting Observation Method: Virtual 
    Meeting Link:

    Public Agenda: 

    Street & Traffic Safety Advisory Board
    City of Havre de Grace
    Meeting Agenda
    October 26, 2020
    1. Call to Order: ____________.
    2. Approval of previous meeting minutes.
    3. Old Business:
    a. Membership updates
    b. Rt. 40 Ad-Hoc Committee update / Rt. 40 & Blenheim
    c. Grants
    d. Traffic pattern around the old 7-11
    e. Rail Road @ Revolution needs maintenance
    f. Chapel Road Traffic Study & Parking Issues
    g. Electronic Trolley operated by City
    h. Canvasback Drive – Remington/Bluebill; Swan/Snowgoose Stop Signs
    i. Lighting near Stadium, Crosswalks, parking issues
    j. Safe routes to new school
    k. Tydings Park/Basin area – Traffic, speed, parking issues
    l. Parking Lot by Tidewater Grille and the Legion
    m. Pedestrian activated crossings: Juniata & Otsego; Stadium & Juniata; Otsego @ McDonalds;
    Union @ Library; Lewis & Revolution; Old Post @ Family Dollar
    n. Speed limit on Juniata 25 to 15
    o. Lewis @ Route 40 – Pedestrian crossing times
    p. Possible openings in fence along Amtrack line
    q. ___________________________________________________________________________
    4. New Business
    a. Comments from Citizens:
    i. ____________________________________________________________________
    ii. ____________________________________________________________________
    b. Comments from committee members:
    i. ____________________________________________________________________
    ii. ____________________________________________________________________
    5. Next Meeting is TBD.
    6. Adjournment: _________________ hours.