Board of Appeals – December 3

    Public Notice:  The Board of Appeals will meet Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 7:00 PM. Members of the public who would like to observe the meeting should visit the City’s YouTube page at the date and time of the meeting.

    Due to the recent surge in COVID cases locally, the Mayor has ordered City Hall closed to the public. Therefore, all boards and commissions must meet virtually.  Citizens who would like to participate in the Zoom meeting may forward comments to the Department of Planning, or watch the live stream.  It is important to note that the meeting is recorded and will be saved and viewable at any time on YouTube.

    For citizens wanting to participate in the Zoom meeting, they must forward their names and email addresses to Shane Grimm at by 5pm on the 14th.  A link to the Zoom meeting will be provided to those citizens wishing to participate.  During the citizen comment portion of the meeting, City staff will hold each participant in a virtual “waiting room” for their turn to address the Commission.

    For citizens who do not wish to participate in the Zoom meeting but would like their comments read into the record, they must provide those comments to Shane Grimm at by 6pm on the 14th.  Mr. Grimm will read the comments into the record during the meeting.

    The City requests that citizen adhere to the following while participating in the Zoom meeting:

    1. Do not share the link to the Zoom meeting.
    2. Please make sure your microphone is unmuted when it is your turn to speak.
    3. Please speak clearly and project your voice so that you can be heard by all participants.
    4. When it is your turn to address the Commission, please clearly state your name and address.
    5. Please be respectful when addressing the Commission.  City staff reserve the right to remove any participant from the meeting for using foul language or being disrespectful to other participants.
    6. Please be patient as we adapt to the virtual meeting environment.

    Public Agenda 

    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Old Business
    4. New Business
    a. Location: 920 Erie Street, southeast corner of Erie Street and Ohio Street
    Owner/Applicant: Coale C. Hawkins
    Request to substitute one nonconforming use (duplex building) with another
    nonconforming use (semi-detached building) in accordance with Section 205-3.A(4) of
    the City Code.
    5. Adjournment