Bulle Rock to host Top 100 Golf Magazine teacher this summer

    Learn from one of the country’s most passionate and dedicated golf instructors when Tom Patri comes to Bulle Rock Golf Course this summer. Patri has been teaching and coaching for over 30 years and has given more than 50,000 lesson hours. He has been recognized as: Met (NY) PGA Teacher of the Year; South Florida PGA Teacher of the Year; two time SW Florida PGA Teacher of the Year; and GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher in America, Lifetime Alumni.
    Tom Patri has worked with some of the very best layers on the planet but still enjoys taking the recreational player to places he or she has never been. He works with all skill levels, gender and ages and has coached club champions, state champions, national champions and major professional champions. “I still love teaching the brand new player,” Patri says. “I love molding the absolute beginning, there is nothing better than watching a person grow to love this great game!”
    Patri will spend one week a month June through September at Bulle Rock Golf Course, as follows: June 13 to 19; July 19 to 24; August 8 to 14; September 19 to 25 and TBD in October. Contact him directly at tpatri@mindspring.com to schedule a time with him at Bulle Rock.