City Council Meeting Minutes December 2, 2019

    December 2, 2019

    Public Hearing Proceedings

    Public Hearings on Ordinance No. 1026 Amending City Code Chapter 205 Zoning Article IX, Permit mixed use development in the C Commercial District, was called to order by Mayor Martin at 7pm.

    Council Members Present: CP Glenn, CM Robertson, CM Ringsaker, CM Boyer, CM Martin and CM Zinner.

    Public Hearing Ordinance 1026



    Comments from Citizens:  

    Joseph ­­­­F. Snee Jr.  112 S. Main Street, Bel Air, MD

    Comments from Council:

    CM Martin – On PG 3 Heal City.  He will place information in the Read File for his comments on this.

    Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 1026 Closed at 7:03pm

    December 2, 2019

    Council Meeting Proceedings


    The regular meeting of the Mayor and City Council was called to order on December 2, 2019 at 7:04 pm with Mayor Martin presiding.

    Council Members present: CP Glenn, CM Robertson, CM Ringsaker, CM Boyer, CM Martin and CM Zinner

    The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and opening prayer was given by Pastor Jim Sterner.

    CM Martin moved to approve the Council Meeting minutes of November 18, 2019 Seconded by CM Boyer.  Motion carries 6-0.

    CM Zinner moved to approve the Closed Session Minutes of November 18, 2019 Seconded by CM Boyer. Motion carries 6-0.

    No comments were made by citizens on agenda items.

    Student of Month Recognitions were presented to:

    Hazel Halsey – Havre de Grace Elementary School

    Madeleine Maas – Meadowvale Elementary School

    Arianna Taylor – Havre de Grace Middle School

    Nick Bowers – Havre de Grace High School


    Resolution No. 285 concerning annexation was presented for second reading and adoption –CM Ringsaker made a motion to introduce on second reading. CM Martin seconded. Motion carried 6-0. A motion to adopt was made by CM Ringsaker and seconded by CM Boyer. Motion carried 6-0.

    Ordinance No. 1024 concerning firearms was presented for second reading and adoption – A motion to introduce on second reading was made by CP Glenn and seconded by CM Ringsaker. Motion carried 6-0. A motion to adopt by CP Glenn and seconded by CM Ringsaker. Motion carried 6-0.  CM Ringsaker made a motion to amend the wording of Ordinance 1024. Seconded by CM Robertson. Motion carried 6-0.

    CP Glenn made a motion to suspend the rules and make Ordinance 1024 effective immediately upon the Mayor’s signature.  Seconded by CM Ringsaker. Motion carried 6-0


    Old Business – None

    New Business- Special Events – presented by Patrick Sypolt:

    River Sweep – Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway, Inc. Event to take place April 25, 2020. CM Robertson made a motion to approve the event; seconded by CM Martin. Motion carried6-0.

    Gravity 2020 Youth Festival to take place May 30, 2020. CM Robertson made a motion to approve the event; seconded by CM Ringsaker. Motion carried 6-0

    Directors Report:

    Patrick Sypolt: Director of Administration- Provided dates of upcoming events in Havre de Grace which are available on the tourism website at

    Mr. Shane Grimm: Deputy Director of Planning– Grace Town Inn demolition has been completed. December 9th at 6:30pm Planning Commission will meet in Council Chambers at City Hall to review a Car Wash at Ontario and Ohio Streets

    Ms. Erika Quesenbery Sturgill: Director of Economic Development– Absent due to illness

    Mr. George DeHority: Director of Finance– Public Service Announcement a reminder to citizens that the second installment of your tax bills are due by the end of this month. The current financial condition of General Fund 1, Water/Sewer Fund 9 and Marina Fund 8 were presented by Mr. DeHority.

    Mr. Tim Whittie: Director of the Department of Public Works – Alliance Street plans, Bob Ward Project has been approved. Phase III the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Storm Water Project begins this week on December 3rd.  A Special thank you to John Allen and crew for all his work on the Christmas Lighting.

    Captain Joe Alton: Havre de Grace PD– No shave November raised $3,100 to be donated to Prostate Cancer Research, in honor of CP Glenn.  The Polar Bear Plunge event is our next fundraiser and the proceeds will be donated to Special Olympics.


    Business from Mayor Martin

    At the last Council meeting CP Glenn made a motion to instruct the Mayor to instruct the administration to prepare an agenda item to formally vote on a referendum for the bond bill the council is seeking for a special election.  We are working to set a date which will be announced at the December 16th council meeting.  To make citizens aware we will send postcards out to all residents of this special election.  The special election referendum will be ready for Council at the next Council meeting. We are looking to have this election in January or early February.  We will have the date finalized at the next meeting.  We want to take advantage of the April bond rate is the reason we are pushing for a January election.

    The City of Havre de Grace is decorated for the holiday season.

    This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 5, 6 and 7, The Havre de Grace Independence Day Commission will be hosting the Holiday Tree Jubilee at La Banque de Fleuve a collection of about 50 uniquely decorated holiday trees donated by local businesses and originations are available for purchase by silent auction.

    Thursday, Dec 5 from 6pm to 9pm will start the Jubilee off with a reception.

    The Holly Jolly First Friday Parade will start at 6pm on December 6th. Vendors will be present and it will be a great event.

    Mayor Martin was happy to share a video recorded by WMAR 2 News highlighting our new Veterans Only parking spots throughout the city.


    Business from Council: 

    Council Member Martin:  CM Martin asked that we please take the time to remember a recovering U.S. Soldier this holiday season.  Send a Card To: A Recovering Soldier C.O. Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Ave NW Washington, DC  20307-5001. CM Martin shared with resident’s points of contact for Veterans in Crisis Hotline along with local suicide prevention hotline contact information. Harford County Mobile Crisis Team, please reach out if you need help. A referendum to go to the Bond Market to obtain funding for water and sewer capital improvement projects. The city and the water and sewer commission are willing to meet with any group that would like to have a presentation done concerning the bond bill coming out.

    Council Member Boyer:  CM Boyer Thanks the Scholars who came out tonight.  CM Boyer recognized St. James AME Church in their 170th Anniversary. CM Boyer was thankful for all the volunteers involved in the Community Thanksgiving Dinner which was a fabulous event.  They make Thanksgiving special for many and a real blessing.

    Council Member Ringsaker: CM Ringsaker said the Planning Commission will meet Monday in Council Chambers; the Wage and Benefit Meeting will be held December 18th at 7:30pm at city hall in the conference room. CM Ringsaker encouraged people to participate in the Take a Kid Hunting when you get a chance. We want to get the next generation out there to preserve our heritage.

    Council Member Robertson: CM Robertson announced the Budget and Finance Committee will meet on December 3, at 5:30pm in the small conference room at city hall; The Youth Commission will meet December 26, at 7pm in the Back Office.  CM Robertson asked that we support Shop Small Saturday

    Council Member Zinner: Giving Tuesday is tomorrow, please remember many charities could use your donation.  The Independence Day Commission, Arts Commission and Historic Preservation Commission will not be meeting this month but will resume meetings in January.

    Council President Glenn:  CP Glenn’s thanked the Havre de Grace Police Department for their support in the funds raised to be donated to Zero in his name.   CP Glenn thanks the many involved in the community Thanksgiving Dinner.  He enjoyed the Upper Bay Counseling Thanksgiving Day Dinner, It was a great day.  CP Glenn feels the SHCO and all First Responders are providing outstanding support at the highest levels and he thanks them for all they do. CP Glenn sent out a letter in response to the Hospital.  He heard back from only Delegate Steve Johnson.  He hopes for the day we can sit down and discuss this vitally important issue further.  CP Glenn made a motion to amend the minutes from the prior council meeting which resumed after the closed session which included a vote by council.  Seconded by CM Robertson.  This vote was witnessed by City Attorney April Ishak as a 6 – 0 vote. Council voted on this amendment to the minutes, motion carried 6-0.


    No Comments were made from Citizens or Council.



    A motion was made by CP Glenn and seconded by CM Ringsaker to adjourn at 8:59 pm. Motion carried 6-0

    Video recording of the City Council Meeting may be viewed online through Harford Cable Network.

    Respectfully Submitted by,

    Resa Laird