City Council Minutes January 6, 2020

    January 6, 2020

    Council Meeting Minutes


    The regular meeting of the Mayor and City Council was called to order on January 6, 2020 at 7:00 pm with Mayor Martin presiding.

    Council Members present: CP Glenn, CM Robertson, CM Ringsaker, CM Boyer, CM Martin and CM Zinner

    The Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and opening prayer was given by Pastor Jim Sterner

    CM Boyer moved to approve the Council Meeting minutes of December 16, 2019 Seconded by CM Zinner.  Motion carries 6-0.

    CM Martin moved to approve the Closed Session meeting minutes of December 16, 2019, concerning the reappointment of the Chief of Police. Seconded by CM Boyer. Motion carries 6-0

    Comments were made by citizens on agenda items.

    Charlie Mike – 1413 Superior Street, shared his opinion on the Water Purchase Agreement with Aberdeen.

    Student of the Month was presented to:

    Bradley Nelson of Havre de Grace Elementary School

    Maci Alexander of Meadowvale Elementary School

    Zoe Spry of Havre de Grace Middle School

    Azhara Feliciano of Havre de Grace High School

    Appointments:  CM Zinner moved to appoint Christina Bracknell and Michael Bracknell to the Independence Day Commission.  Second made by CM Robertson.  Motion carries 6-0

    A motion to introduce on first reading was made by CM Ringsaker with a second by CM Martin.  Motion carries 6-0.  Ordinance 1028 was read into the record. A motion to adopt Ordinance 1028 on first reading was made by CM Ringsaker with a second by CM Zinner. Motion carries 6-0.  A Public hearing is scheduled for January 21, 2020.

    A motion to introduce on first reading was made by CM Ringsaker with a second by CM Robertson.  Motion carries 6-0.  Ordinance 1029 was read into the record. A motion to adopt Ordinance 1029 on first reading was made by CM Ringsaker with a second by CM Robertson. Motion carries 6-0.  A Public hearing is scheduled for January 21, 2020.

    New Business: Summer Concerts in the Park- CM Zinner moved to approve. Second made by CM Ringsaker. Motion carries 6-0.

    Lease agreement on 463 Franklin Street – A motion to approve was made by CM Ringsaker with a second by CP Glenn. Motion carries 6-0.

    Water Purchase Agreement with Aberdeen – A motion to approve was made by CM Martin with a second by CM Robertson, which included friendly amendments accepted by CP Glenn that addressed a rate adjustment and several minor changes in language clarity.  Motion carries 6-0.

    Directors Report:

    Patrick Sypolt Director of Administration:  Provided dates of upcoming events in Havre de Grace which are available on the tourism website at

    Mr. Shane Grimm Deputy Director of Planning:  Announced the screening of the film “Tidewater” at the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum this Wednesday, January the 8th at 7pm. Provided by the Havre de Grace Green Team.

    This movie offers a view of the Navy’s response to sea level rise.  Maps from the “Planning for Coastal Resiliency in the Northern Chesapeake Bay” for the City will be on display as well as the full copy of the study.

    Mrs. Erika Quesenbery-Sturgill Director of Economic Development:  The first Harford County Economic development Advisory Board meeting of 2020 will be Wednesday, January 9, at 220 S. Main Street, in Bel Air, starting at 8 a.m. The Havre de Grace Chamber of Commerce will hold their first luncheon of 2020 on Thursday, January 9, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., at The Bayou with Harford County State’s Attorney Al Peisinger as the guest speaker. The luncheon is sponsored by APGFCU. The Havre de Grace Alliance Board of Directors will meet from 4 to 6 p.m., Thursday, January 9, at Seneca Cannery.

    Mr. George DeHority Director of Finance:  The current financial condition of General Fund 1, Water/Sewer Fund 9 and Marina Fund 8 were presented by Mr. DeHority.  He encouraged citizens with questions on the Water Bond Bill Referendum, to please feel free to contact him with any questions they may have.

    Mr. Tim Whittie Director of the Department of Public Works:  Phase Three Project will be completed in the next two weeks as long as we have dry weather conditions. RFP seeking for the odor control mechanism at the Lafayette pumping station.

    Chief Teresa Walter Havre de Grace PD:  Please pay attention to pedestrians in the crosswalks.   The recent stabbing of New Year’s Eve did not take place within city limits.  Having a city of Havre de Grace address does not mean it is within the city’s limits.  Please be aware of this when sharing information.


    Business from Mayor Martin:   The Duck Drop was held on New Year’s Eve and well attended.

    A Special Election for a Water Bond Bill Referendum will be held on February 4, 2020 from 7am to 8pm here at 711 Pennington Ave. This will be for the purpose of a Special Referendum Ballot asking the registered voters of the City of Havre de Grace permission to solicit proposals and ascertain options to issue bonds, whether by public or private sale.  More information is also available on the city’s website.

    A Public Work Session will be held January 16, 2020 at 6pm in the Council Chambers to allow for interaction between the Council, Administration and the Boards, Commissions and Committees to facilitate the coordination of activities and other goals or concerns of the Mayor and Council.

    Havre de Grace High School Gymnasium & Auditorium. We have received three bids which are being reviewed at this time for the next phase of the project.  Bob Ward has purchased the reaming properties in Bulle Rock and we look forward to working with him.

    Mayor Martin wanted to let all citizens know that the recent New Year’s Eve stabbing occurred outside of the city’s jurisdiction.


    Business from Council: 

    Council Member Ringsaker:  Congratulations to newly appointed Mike Griffith.

    Council Member Robertson:  The EDAB will meet the 15th at 3:30 here in the city hall conference room.  January 17, 2020 at the Vandiver Inn a cocktail party will be held to kick off the Fire and Ice Festival.

    Council Member Zinner: January14th Historic Preservation Commission will meet here at city hall at 7pm. The 28st of January the Arts Commission at 6:30 here at city hall and The Independence Day Commission will meet the 27th of January at 6pm at Havre de Grace PD.  United Way Project Homeless Connect will be held January 23, 2020.

    Council Member Martin: Water and Sewer Commission will not be meeting in January but will meet February 7th at 3pm in the city hall conference room. A celebration of Robert Burns will begin with a Whiskey tasting at 7:30pm on Thursday January the 23rd at the State Theatre. Friday January the 24th a Scottish Pub Crawl will take place at all downtown establishments.  Saturday January the 25th The Havre de Grace Arts Collective will be showing a movie at the Opera House.

    Council Member Boyer: Thanked the Susquehanna Hose Co. for a great New Year’s Eve. The Tree Commission will meet January 13, at 7pm at the Maritime Museum.  Street and Traffic Safety Board will meet January 27th at 6pm at city hall.

    Council President Glenn:   Congratulated our students of the month and always looks forward to this recognition each month because it in large part reinforces that our future is in great hands.

    CP Glenn gave a shout out to our Elks Lodge, BPOE 1564, Frank and Debbie McFadden and their countless volunteer elves spearhead and put together over 120 Christmas baskets to help make Christmas a little brighter for local families.  CP Glenn had the distinct opportunity to help deliver those baskets on Christmas Eve and it helped to reinforce that our local Elks Lodge is truly making a difference.  It is those type of events that should be making the news headlines.  CP Glenn also included in his comments Warrior Proud moments to include the Boys’ Basketball Team finishing second in the Holiday Governor’s challenge and the Football Team taking top honors at the Raven’s Halftime Game.


     Adjournment:   A motion was made by CP Glenn and seconded by CM Ringsaker to adjourn at 8:59pm. Motion carried 6-0

    Video recording of the City Council Meeting may be viewed online through Harford Cable Network.

    Respectfully Submitted by,

    Resa Laird