City of Havre de Grace Begins Staging MS4 Project in the vicinity of the intersection of Lafayette and Market Street

    The City of Havre de Grace has begun staging equipment and materials for a future MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance System on City property between the Maritime and Decoy museums located in the vicinity of the intersection of Lafayette and Market Street. This special purpose stormwater project will resemble the system that was constructed in 2018 between the Decoy Museum and the Promenade; however, it has been designed with a lesser grade. The project will treat the stormwater runoff from approximately 12 acres. The purpose of the project is to collect and mitigate stormwater runoff before it reaches the Chesapeake Bay and continue the City’s commitment to environmental stewardship and meet regulatory requirements established by the Maryland Department of the Environment and Environmental Protection Agency.

    This regenerative stormwater conveyance will be the third phase of a multiphase project the City began in 2018 in this area to manage stormwater runoff and make strides to protect the Chesapeake Bay. Other projects in the area include the Concord Point Stormwater Management Pond retrofit, addition of landscape infiltration, bioretention, and Phases I and II of the shoreline treatment from the Decoy Museum to Concord Point.