Cultural Exchange Commission – October 22

    Public Notice: 

    Public Body: Cultural Exchange Commission
    Meeting Date: 10/22/2020
    Meeting Time: 6:00 P.M.
    Meeting Location: Virtual meeting
    Meeting Observation Method: Virtual Meeting
    Meeting Link:

    Public Agenda: 

    1. Call to Order

    2. Roll Call

    3. Reports of Officers / Boards / Committees

    a. Chair Report and Welcome
    b. Treasurer’s report, if any
    c. Budget Committee report, if any
    d. General Events Committee report, if any
    e. Hosting Committee report, if any
    f. Mumbles Visit October 2020 Events Committee, see discussion of Virtual Visit under Old Business

    4. Unfinished / Old Business
    a. Virtual Visit review
    i. Stated purpose
    ii. Was the purpose achieved?
    iii. Comments

    5. New Business
    a. Interactions with Twinning Association of Mumbles (TAM) going forward
    i. Proposed joint projects with TAM
    ii. Zoom contact meetings with TAM
    iii. TAM visit to Havre de Grace in 2022
    b. Activities in Havre de Grace
    i. Sale of Tickets to Oyster Fest
    ii. Participation in Christmas Tree Festival
    c. Status of Twinning sign at City Gateway

    6. Next Meeting Date / Time / Location
    a. Selection of a date/location and configuration (on-line or in-person) for the next meeting.

    7. Adjournment