2010 Comprehensive Plan

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This Comprehensive Plan is designed to be a guide for the physical development of the City. It was prepared with the intent of educating the public about planning decisions, and serves as a document to assist the Mayor and City Council as they consider important funding and budgetary priorities. In addition, the Plan serves as recognition of the City’s support of Maryland’s Smart Growth Initiative as a cornerstone of intelligent planning and local land use policy.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to encourage development of a safe, healthy, and distinctive living environment—one that serves the existing community, entices visitors, and stimulates economic development. Also crucial is the desire to retain the “small town” aspects of Havre de Grace, which so many people cite as being very important. Downtown preservation and enhancement remain as a primary planning objective, however the entire community must be considered in respect to planning and development decisions and programs. Residential neighborhoods and industrial areas must be approached with the same care and thought when policies are planned and implemented. The City of Havre de Grace, with the guidance of the Havre de Grace Planning Commission, engaged in a review of its 1996 Comprehensive Plan beginning in 2000. The Planning Commission and staff from the Department of Economic Development and Planning revalidated the Visions and Goals established in the 1996 Comprehensive Plan and began a review of the entire twelve-chapter document. This resultant document recognizes the accomplishments that have been made during the past eight years and builds on the foundation of the earlier plan. In addition, some new planning concepts have been developed during this review and incorporated in this planning document. The findings and recommendations included in this document serve as the basis for developing subdivision and zoning regulations and, ultimately, a capital improvements program which guides expenditures for necessary public improvements. This Comprehensive Plan is intended to be a reference for community leaders and citizens who are striving to make Havre de Grace a better place in which to live, work, and enjoy an excellent quality of life.