DRAFT 2024 Envision Havre de Grace Now Available

    Agency and public comments received during the 60-day review period on the DRAFT 2024 Envision Havre de Grace Comprehensive Plan:

    The DRAFT 2024 Envision Havre de Grace is now available!  Please see the following links.

    Section II: Plan for the City

    Section III: Implementation

    Section IV: Supporting Resources

    Please send comments to Dianne Klair, Senior Planner, at diannek@havredegracemd.com.  The City’s comment period will be open until Friday, June 7, 2024.

    Thank you for your interest in this Comprehensive Plan!

    If you are interested in the Planning Commission public work sessions, StoryMaps, or initial public input into this DRAFT document, please see the links below.


    Development of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan

    The Department of Planning and the Planning Commission began an update of Comprehensive Plan in September 2022 with the publication of 7 StoryMaps, each with surveys, for gaining public input for the plan.  The Planning Commission hosted sessions for each chapter as it was being written.

    Please check out the following presentation links to see the progress of Envision Havre de Grace, the 2023 Comprehensive Plan update.

    Presentation links:

    If you are interested in the public input materials, please see this link for the Envision HdG StoryMaps:

    If you are interested in Planning Commission meetings where these work sessions were held, please see the City’s YouTube video link:

    If you are interested in viewing all the public comments received from the Envision HdG StoryMap surveys, please click here for the survey results.

    Map Comprehensive Plan AreasMap Sustainable Commmunity PlanMap Municipal Growth Element Map