The Susquehanna Hose Company proudly announces an improved Class 1/1Y Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating issued by the Insurance Service Office (ISO) which places the City of Havre de Grace’s fire protection community in the top 1% in the country. The enhanced score takes effect on July 01, 2021 and works to ensure lower insurance costs for property owners within the City of Havre de Grace, Maryland. The Susquehanna Hose Company is just the 3rd fire department in the State of Maryland to receive this prestigious rating along with the City of Baltimore and City of Annapolis Fire Departments, both 100% career departments.

    ISO collects and evaluates fire suppression capabilities in over 48,000 communities in the United States. ISO notes that most insurers use the PPC classification for underwriting and calculating premiums on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The PPC score is a measure of the community’s overall ability to reduce property losses due to fires. The PPC score is based upon available credit for 4 categories, 50 points fire department, 40 points water supply, 10 points emergency communications and 5.5 points for community risk reduction. The fire department score is based upon apparatus, apparatus location, training, staffing of apparatus, and standard operating guidelines. This latest rating scored:

    Emergency Communications – 7.97/10.00
    Fire Department – 46.04/50.00
    Water Supply – 38.50/40.00
    Community Risk Reduction – 4.85/5.50
    Divergence – -.83
    Total Credit – 96.53

    The scale of a PPC rating ranges from 1-10, with Class 1 being the highest rating. City of Havre de Grace’s community Class 1 PPC rating, improved from Class 2, comes on the heels of a recent analysis performed by the ISO on the City of Havre de Grace’s community’s fire prevention and suppression systems.

    With an ISO Rating of Class 1, this makes the Susquehanna Hose Company one of only 388 agencies nationwide to achieve this rating. “I wish to congratulate Chief Hurst, President Miller and the men and women of the Susquehanna Hose Company on achieving the most coveted ISO rating of “1”. With approximately 300 nationwide and the SHCO now being the third company in Maryland to obtain this rating, the ISO 1 classification is emblematic of the hard work, professionalism and dedication that the Havre de Grace citizens have benefitted from for decades. Let us never forget that the SHCO is an all volunteer service. These are our fellow citizens, our neighbors, and our friends. The City could not be more proud!” said Mayor Bill Martin.

    The Susquehanna Hose Company would like to thank David See (ISO Representative), Mayor Bill Martin and Steve Gamatoria (City of Havre de Grace), Eddie Hopkins and Ross Coates (Department of Emergency Services) and Derek Chapman (Fire Marshall’s Office) for their support and dedication in assisting with this rating. This rating is a representation of all parties involved to achieve this stellar rating for the City of Havre de Grace.

    In addition, we want to send a huge THANK YOU to the members of the Susquehanna Hose Company. Your dedication, training and loyalty to the SHCO and the City of Havre de Grace is unprecedented and every one of you should be proud. Every one of you made this goal a reality and you truly are the best.