Fats, oils, grease and "flushable" wipes are wreaking havoc on city pipes

    Repeated calls for clogged sinks, toilets backing up, sewer lines clogged… What is going on? Fats, oils, grease and “flushable” wipes are wreaking havoc on city pipes. Rarely does a week go by at the City of Havre de Grace Public Works office without a call from residents asking for help with a sewer-related problem. This costly problem is so easily preventable…it just takes a little education. With that in mind, Public Works employee Laurie Dawson reached out to Havre de Grace Middle School science teacher and drama coach Laurie Starkey to help with getting the word out.
    Students explored the plant operations and saw first-hand evidence of the problems created when items like those mentioned above are put into household drains and toilets. WWTP Assistant Superintendent Mick Zellman lead the discussion and tour where students were able to see all types of material caught in fine screens. It was explained that if there is a significant overflow of raw sewage, the City must pay a fine to the Maryland Department of the Environment.
    This video serves to help get the message out to all residents and businesses to help prevent this costly problem.