Arts Commission

Council Liaison:  Carolyn Zinner

Current Members:

Arts Commission Members
Patricia Fair, Chair 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
Carolyn Foley, Vice-Chair 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
Christine Berry 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
Patricia Donovan 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
Dena Cardwell 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
Wendi Hurst 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
Christy Silverstein 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
Amy Steelman 2/5/2018 2/5/2020
 John Krause  4/1/2019 4/1/2021
Wynona Hilton-Stanley 12/18/2017 12/18/2019
Janet Carrick 6/3/2019 6/3/2021

§ 25-1. Establishment.

The Havre de Grace Arts Commission, hereinafter referred to as the “Commission,” is hereby established.

§ 25-2. Members.

The Commission shall consist of no less than 11 and no more than 20 members. One member of the Havre de Grace City Council shall serve as an ex officio member.

§ 25-3. Appointments; terms; reappointment.

The Mayor shall, with the consent of the City Council, appoint all members of the Commission. The ex officio member’s term shall coincide with his or her official tenure on the City Council. Members shall have staggered one- and two-year terms of office with the next consecutive term being two with the consent of the City Council for the unfulfilled portion of the term. All members shall be eligible for reappointment.

§ 25-4. Organization; records; meetings; quorum.

The Commission shall elect a Chairperson from one of its appointed members and create and fill other offices as it shall from to time determine are in the best interests of fulfilling the duties of the Commission. The term of the Chairperson shall be for one year with eligibility for re-election. The Commission shall keep a record of     its meetings, resolutions and recommendations which shall be kept public. It shall hold meetings as necessary not less than four times a year. A majority shall constitute a quorum.

§ 25-5. Purpose.

The purpose of the Commission will be to coordinate, promote and support performing and fine arts events within the City of Havre de Grace.

§ 25-6. Duties and powers.

The Commission shall have the following duties and powers:

  1. Support and encourage the development of performing and fine arts in the
  2. Review legislation and policy decisions of the Mayor and City Council in order to identify their impact on performing and fine arts in the
  3. Coordinate the development, publication and distribution of brochures and pamphlets which deal with performing and fine arts events within the
  4. Identify and assist in the application for income from county, state, and federal government sources which will assist in supporting performing and fine arts in the City of Havre de
  5. Cooperate with other government agencies at the county, state, and federal level for the purpose of promoting performing and fine arts in the
  6. To appoint such committees as it deems necessary and proper including, but not limited to, a steering committee which shall consist of not less than five nor more than seven members which shall include the Chairperson. All members of said steering committee shall be members of the Commission and shall have the power to vote on Commission