Youth Commission

Council Liaison:  Jason Robertson 

Current Members

Dena Cardwell 11/5/2018 11/5/2019
Elicia Henson 11/5/2018 11/5/2020
William Howard, Jr.
11/5/2018 11/5/2019
Tracy Robertson 11/5/2018 11/5/2020
Sarah Goad 02/05/19 02/04/2021
Tynia Scott 08/19/19 08/19/2021
Zephaniah Matteson
02/05/19 02/04/2021

§ 25-41. Creation.

The Havre de Grace Youth Commission (hereafter referred to as the “Commission”) is hereby established.

§ 25-42. Purpose; duties and powers.

A. Purpose. The purpose of the Havre de Grace Youth Commission is to foster civic duty, volunteerism and the importance of public service to the youth of Havre de Grace, through education, partnerships and collaborative efforts.
B. Duties and powers. The Commission shall have the following duties and powers:
(1) Promote the value of young people in our community.
(2) Advise the Mayor and City Council on matters relating to youth of Havre de Grace.
(3) Facilitate the coordination of youth organizations, programs and facilities currently serving the youth in Havre de Grace (e.g., schools/clubs, churches, organizations, councils/ committees, etc.) by maintaining a monthly calendar of local events and programs geared toward Havre de Grace youth.
(4) Cultivate relationships with community organizations and businesses that can provide the youth of Havre de Grace with positive developmental opportunities such as mentorships, internships, and community service projects.
(5) Promote programs and activities through and for community organizations, local schools and City government that encourage parents and families to engage in the lives of their youth.
(6) Provide youth an opportunity to advocate for youth needs in the community by directly engaging them in the governance process, where at least one member must act as liaison to the Harford County Youth Commission and at least one member attend one City and County Council meeting per month.
(7) The members will, from time to time, review proposed legislation and report to Council any suggestions.
(8) Members will present updates to the Mayor and Council as often as necessary, but not less than those requirements stated in § 25-0 of this chapter.

§ 25-43. Organization and members.

A. The Mayor shall, with approval of the City Council, appoint all members of the Commission.
B. The Commission should strive for diverse representation of the young people that reside in the various communities of the City.
C. The Commission shall consist of the following members:
(1) Four members between the ages of 13 and 17 (“Youth Member”).
(a) The Youth Member must be in the age range specified above at the time of appointment. The Youth Member will retain his or her commission until the term has expired, barring extraneous circumstances, regardless of age at the end of the term.
(2) Four members over the age of 18 (who serve as mentors) (“Mentor Member”).
(3) One active member of the Havre de Grace City Council, who shall serve in an ex officio capacity.
(4) There is no limit to the members at large who may serve on subcommittees as designated by the Commission.
(5) Eligibility for consideration:
(a) To serve as one of the Youth Members, the youth must submit three endorsement letters with signatures from adults who are not a relative, but may be a teacher, school staff person, elected official, coach, employer, or a member of a community organization;
(b) To serve as one of the Mentor Members, the adult members’ application will be vetted through the City Police Department, including a background check.
D. Inaugural appointments shall be made as follows:
(1) One-year terms for two Youth Members and two Mentor Members for the inaugural year appointment and two-year terms thereafter.
(2) Two-year terms for the other two Youth Members and the other two Mentor Members.

§ 25-44. Officers; proceedings; quorum.

A. A simple majority shall constitute a quorum, which does not include the City Council appointee.
B. The Commission shall elect a Chairperson from one of its appointed Youth Members with the mentorship of the Havre de Grace City Council member and create and fill subcommittees as it determines are in the best interests of fulfilling the duties of the Commission.
C. The Chairperson shall be elected for a one-year term and is eligible for reelection.
D. The Commission shall keep a public record of its meetings, resolutions and recommendations.
E. The Commission shall hold meetings as necessary, but not less than four times a year.

§ 25-45. through § 25-49. (Reserved)