Havre de Grace’s Finest – Officer Rittershofer

    The City of Havre de Grace is the home of countless individuals that on a variety of levels serve to protect us each and every day, both at home and abroad. We refer to these individuals as ‘Home Town Heroes.’ Today, Friday, November 30, 2017- we as a City honor one of Havre de Grace’s Finest who has decided to retire after a 37 year career as a Havre de Grace Police Officer.
    It is great admiration and honor that the City of Havre de Grace Salutes the career of Mr Dennis Rittershofer for his dedication and commitment to our City.
    For those citizens that lived here during the mid 1980’s, we can recall the mayhem and the overnight siege of the city, and the events of Sept. 18, 1986, when Frank Edward Green, of Far Rockaway in Queens, shot and killed Officer Pyles, a Toll facilities Officer, along with the shooting of two Havre de Grace Officers and a Harford County Deputy.
    Upon responding to the call Officer Rittershofer received a serious and debilitating gunshot wound to the head. After a number of surgeries and rehabilitation, Officer Rittershofer returned to the force and completed his career in the Havre de Grace Police Department’s Administrative Services Division.
    Today, as is customary for its retiring Police Officers, the Havre de Grace Police Department will fly it’s  Flag with Officer Rittershofer’s name embroidered on it , signifying the end of a career in Law Enforcement as one ‘Our Finest ‘ and ‘A Job Well- Done , to one of our Home Town Heroes’!
    Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you from the City of Havre de Grace and its citizens who you unselfishly protected.