Historic Preservation – September 14, 2021

    Havre de Grace Historic Preservation Commission
    September 14, 2021 in the City Hall Conference (711 Pennington Ave)Room 7 pm

    I. Call to Order — Jean Johnson
    II. Roll Call — Kathleen Lee, Secretary
    III. Approval August 2021 Minutes
    IV. Budget — Jim Nemeth: Treasurer’s Report
    V. Old Business
    1. Vice-chair open. New member recruitment.
    2. Report from City Council Liaison — Carolyn Zinner
    3. Training — Decide on MAHDC October date for training
    4. Property news/updates: threatened historic assets. 709 Girard St.
    Consideration of demolition delay provision and landmarking
    5. Lafayette Trail Medallions, Tourism, HHdG Foundation, Moore Family
    (walkthrough, Deed of Gift, Property Keys)
    6. Flags, First Friday; Preservation Award Winners “Walk” (May 2022)

    V. New Business
    1. Feasibility of Permanent informational plaques
    2. Training on Google drive use–how to access, archive, etc. HPC materials:
    3. For the Good of the Commission

    Next Meeting: October 12, 2021