Information about hurricane season

    The typical hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. This year is expected to be a busy year for hurricanes and tropical storms. Even without a hurricane or tropical storm, heavy rains can cause extensive flooding in our City. The City of Havre de Grace has had our Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) revised by FEMA which became effective on April 19, 2016. Although flood boundary lines on the map may have changed, floods can still happen outside those areas. You may contact the Department of Planning at (410) 939-1800 ext 1123 to find out the flood zone for your property. Ask your insurance agent about flood insurance, which is also available for renters. A Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) offers lower-cost protection for homes and apartments in areas of low to moderate flood risk. These are areas shown as B, C, or X zones on a FIRM.

    · As noted by DPW Division of Stormwater Management, keep your storm drains clear of leaves, grass, trash and tree debris at all times to minimize flooding in the streets and on your property. Please contact DPW if you notice anyone dumping into a storm drain or stream.

    · Building permits are required for sheds, fences, renovations, decks, and other alterations to buildings and property. If your property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area, there may be State requirements to comply with also. When hiring a contractor, be sure they are licensed by the State of Maryland. Contact the Department of Planning (410) 939-1800 ext 1102 for permit fees and details.