Information about the 2021 Councilmanic Redistricting Commission

    Meeting Documents: August 30, 2021 Special Meeting of the Mayor and City Council 

    Harford County Charter Section 205. Redistricting procedure

    (a) The boundaries of Council districts shall be established in 1974 and re-established in 1982 and every 10th year thereafter. Whenever district boundaries are to be established or reestablished, the Council shall appoint, not later than February 15 of the year prior to the year in which redistricting is to be effective, a commission on redistricting, composed of two members from each political party chosen from a list of five names submitted by the governing body of each political party which polled at least fifteen percent of the total vote cast for all candidates for the Council in the immediately preceding regular election or which had at least fifteen percent of the registered voters in the County on the date of that election. The Council shall appoint one additional member of the Commission, who shall not be a member of any of the political parties entitled to two members of the Commission and shall be a registered voter in Harford County. The Commission shall, at its first meeting, select one of its members to serve as chair. No person shall be eligible for appointment to the Commission if that person holds any elected office. [Amended by Bill No. 12-32]

    (b) By October 1 of the year prior to the year in which redistricting is to be effective, the Commission shall prepare, publish, and make available a plan of Council districts and shall present that plan,
    together with a report explaining it, to the Council. The plan shall provide for Council districts that are compact, contiguous, and substantially equal in population. No less than fifteen calendar days and no more than thirty calendar days after receiving the plan of the Commission, the Council shall hold a public hearing on the plan. If within seventy calendar days following presentation of the Commission’s plan no other law establishing or reestablishing the boundaries of the Council districts has been enacted, then the plan, as submitted, shall become law

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    Commission Members
    Mustafa Sidik, Chair
    Christina Bracknell
    Wayne Goddard
    Erik Robey
    James Thornton

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    Testimony and Letters From the City of Havre de Grace 

    Current Councilmanic District Map (Havre de Grace is located in district F)