Memo Regarding Removing Sediment from Lilly Run Tributary

    TO:                    Residents of City of Havre de Grace

    FROM:             Tim Whittie, Director of Public Works

    DATE:              August 26, 2020

    RE:                   Lilly Run Sediment and Street Flooding

    In an effort to reduce the flooding on Girard Street and Juniata Street the Department of Public Works is removing decades of sediment built up in a tributary of Lilly Run.  The tributary is located between the Evonik building and the BGE Power Station.  Prior to commencing work the Department obtained approval from the Maryland Department of the Environment to excavate the channel under their Emergency Provisions.  The widening of the channel from Revolution Street to the culvert under the “Old Harris Field” will improve the drainage efficiency of the existing storm drain system to Girard and Juniata Streets.  This improvement will reduce flooding along those two roads after heavier rain storms.  In addition, the widening of the channel will reduce the flooding that occurs up stream above Revolution Street.

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