Paving Schedule for Bayview Estates – October 18-November 6, 2023

    The City paving contractor, American Asphalt, will begin a paving project in Bayview Estates on October 18.

    Please move vehicles off the affected roads (see below). 

    Paving Project Tentative Schedule

    October 18:          2″ mill of Whitney Court

    October 19-20:    2″ mill of Willow Way

    October 23:         2″ mill of Anchor Court

    October 24-26:   2″ mill of Tidewater Drive (Kathryn Way to Spinnaker Court)

    October 27:         2″ blacktop overlay of Whitney Court

    October 30-31:   2″ blacktop overlay of Willow Way

    November 1:       2″ blacktop overlay of Anchor Court

    November 2, 3, 6:   2″ blacktop overlay of Tidewater Drive (Kathryn Way to Spinnaker Court)

    We thank you for your patience during this project.  You may call the City at 410-939-1800 with any questions.