Permit # 20200101 & 20200102

    Location: 625 S. Union Avenue/Northeast corner of Alliance Street & Union Avenue
    Owner/Applicant: William Phillips/625 S. Union Avenue LLC
    Subdivision of Parcel 1504 to create 3 single-family residential lots utilizing Lot Type ‘C’ which
    is in the RO/Residential Office District and requires review and approval through the Planning
    Commission. Chapters 155 and 173 of the City Code apply to the proposed development,
    which require the Planning Commission to review the Site Plan and Subdivision Plan.

    10/28/2019 Update – Permit #20200108 has been removed from the October 28, 2019, Planning Commission Agenda. 

    Other Business:

    Permit # 20200108

    Location: Northeast corner of Ohio Street and Ontario Street
    Owner/Applicant: Two Farms Inc.
    Royal Farms proposes the construction of an automatic car wash at 911 Ontario Street, the
    former site of a 7-11 convenience store. The project does not require Planning Commission
    approval. The Department of Planning is presenting the project to the Commission to solicit
    feedback from the Commission and the public in conjunction with the administrative review.