Planning Commission – January 11

    Public Notice: The Planning Commission will meet Monday, January 11, 2020, at 6:30 PM. Members of the public who would like to observe the meeting should visit the City’s YouTube page at the date and time of the meeting.

    City Council Chambers
    January 11, 2021
    6:30 PM

    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Old Business
    a. Status of Bulle Rock Parcel ‘F’
    4. New Business
    a. Location: 550 Revolution Street
    Owner/Applicant: Numen Foster Family Trust/Paul Vogel
    Permit No: 20210212
    BOA Case No: 513
    Request to operate an assisted living facility at 550 Revolution Street, which is a
    Conditional Use (health care facility) in the RO/Residential Office District.

    5. Adjournment