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The City of Havre de Grace, which encompasses approximately 6.5 square miles, is a growing and diverse city with a rich history preserved in the facades of the structures in historic downtown Havre de Grace. From the City’s parks, the Promenade, and the Concord Point Lighthouse to the sprawling greens at the Bulle Rock Golf Course, Havre de Grace is a peaceful and tranquil place to live, work, and visit. It is the job of every Havre de Grace police officer to preserve the peace of our great City and enforce City, County, and State laws in a manner that reflects professionalism, courage, and commitment. The Havre de Grace Police Department strives to continuously advance the individual skills of the officers, the technology used to prevent and deter crime, and most importantly, the relationships with the members of our communities.

To meet the needs and demands of our City, the Havre de Grace Police Department is authorized 47 employees, 38 sworn officers and 9 civilian employees. The Department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is self sufficient in receiving and dispatching calls for service.

The backbone of the Police Department is the Patrol Division which includes two Police K-9 teams, four School Resource Officers, and 24 officers assigned to regular patrol duties. Supporting the Patrol Division is the Criminal Investigative Division, or CID. Our Criminal Investigative Division includes two Criminal Detectives, one Crime Scene Detective, and one Narcotics Detective who is assigned to the Harford County Joint Narcotics Task Force.

The Havre de Grace Police Department also has an Administrative Services Division. Under this Division are six civilian Police Communication Operators (Dispatch), one civilian Evidence Clerk, one Criminal Secretary (records management), one civilian Assistant to the Chief, and one Administrative Police Officer who is responsible for Community Policing, Public Information, and other various duties.

In addition to the separate Divisions, the Havre de Grace Police Department is a participating agency in the Harford County Municipal SWAT Team. Several officers from various assignments within the Havre de Grace Police Department participate in this joint initiative and were selected through a competitive, voluntary process. Members of the SWAT Team fulfill this part-time role in addition to their individual duty assignment.

The Command Staff for the Havre de Grace Police Department is comprised of the Chief of Police, a Captain responsible for the Operations Division, and a Captain responsible for the Administrative Services Division.

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The Patrol Division is the primary function of the Havre de Grace Police Department. Officers assigned to patrol work permanent 12 hour shifts that cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While assigned to patrol, officers handle various calls for service to include assaults, domestic incidents, traffic collisions, robberies, and burglaries. When not handling a call for service, officers conduct traffic enforcement, patrol checks of businesses, and maintain a visible presence in our communities.

Another very important aspect to the Patrol Division is the support the officers provide for the numerous special events that occur around the City of Havre de Grace annually. After working in the Patrol Division for at least a couple of years, officers are eligible to apply for other duty assignments within the agency as positions become available.

pd_k9The Havre de Grace Police Department is home to the first and longest active K-9 unit in Harford County. Since 1963, the Havre de Grace Police Department has had at least one K-9 Team working and protecting our citizens. Currently, the Havre de Grace Police Department is authorized two K-9 Teams. Our K-9’s, Zigo and Benny, are pure bred German Sheppard’s that were purchased from funds seized as a result of narcotics investigations. The K-9 Teams work 12 hour shifts and are a crucial addition to the Patrol Division. Both K-9’s are nationally certified and trained to detect illegal narcotics, track individuals that are missing or wanted in connection to a crime, and are exceptional partners to their respective handlers during normal patrol functions. Each K-9 handler had to undergo a competitive selection process and a rigorous six month training course.


The Havre de Grace Police Department was the first agency in Harford County to place a Police Officer in each public school that is situated within one particular jurisdiction. As a part of the Patrol Division, the School Resource Officers provide enhanced security for each respective school and aid the public school systems as a direct liaison to the police department to create a safe learning environment for each and every student. Beyond the typical perception of security, our School Resource Officers are mentors and role models to the students. The SRO’s participate in student activities, lead classroom discussion on issues facing our youth, and sustain various outreach programs such as our very own Havre de Grace Public Safety Club and the G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training) program.

To keep up to date with the SRO’s activities, check out their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/hdgsros

CSU PDOne of the most important aspects to law enforcement is building a concrete case to achieve a successful prosecution of criminals. To achieve this goal, the Havre de Grace Police Department has a full-time compliment of Detectives that work under the Criminal Investigative Division. Detectives assigned to CID work on a fixed schedule along with being on a rotating “On Call” status. The Detectives are responsible for conducting investigations relating to robberies, sex offenses, burglaries, narcotics activity, and other matters that exceed those of a patrol function.

A key element to our CID is the Crime Scene Investigator. In every crime there is some level of evidence left behind. It is the responsibility of the Crime Scene Investigator to locate, collect, process, and document evidence left at a scene. To date, this important function has been responsible for successful prosecution in firearm cases, sex offense cases, and burglary cases.

Along with the Detectives that investigate crimes relating to calls for service, the Havre de Grace Police Department Criminal Investigative Division also has one Detective assigned full-time to the Harford County Joint Narcotics Task Force. This Detective is responsible for conducting narcotics investigations and disrupting the trafficking of illegal narcotics into the City of Havre de Grace and Harford County.

Evidence Function

The Administrative Services Division encompasses many responsibilities that support the day to day operations of the Havre de Grace Police Department. Under this Division are the Police Communication Operators, or PCO’s, which are the first point of contact for our citizens calling for help or entering our station. Our PCO’s receive emergency calls for service, dispatch officers to those calls, answer citizen questions over the phone, and assist citizens that enter the Police Station. Our Police Communication Operators are non-sworn personnel who work permanent 8 hour shifts that cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Evidence Clerk is another civilian position that falls under the Administrative Services Division. The Evidence Clerk is responsible for documenting and maintaining all evidence that is secured by the Officers and Detectives of the Havre de Grace Police Department. This position is crucial to the successful prosecution of criminal cases.

Criminal Records

Another position under the Administrative Services Division is the Criminal Secretary. The Criminal Secretary is responsible for maintaining all records related to criminal cases, traffic offenses, and court documents.

Community Resource Officer and PIO

The only sworn position under the Administrative Services Division is that of the Community Resource and Public Information Officer. This officer is responsible for creating and maintaining community oriented programs such as Neighborhood Watch and other types of crime prevention programs. Along with the duties of crime prevention, the Administrative Officer is also responsible for all dissemination of information to the various media outlets. The Administrative Officer also assists with conducting annual mandatory training in order for the department to remain in compliance with the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission.


In the fall of 2013, the Havre de Grace Police Department, Aberdeen Police Department, and the Bel Air Police Department came together as partners to form the Harford County Municipal SWAT Team. This part-time specialized unit is trained in serving search and seizure warrants, resolving incidents involving barricaded subjects, and in hostage rescue operations. Officers that are active in the Harford County Municipal SWAT Team are volunteer officers and must attend training every month along with fulfilling their individual responsibilities within their respective permanent duty assignment.

The Havre de Grace Police Department conducts much of its own training throughout the year. Although officers do attend many training events sponsored by other agencies and organizations, the Havre de Grace Police Department hosts numerous annual training events locally that is open to other agencies as well. Some of the academic courses instructed are mandated by the Maryland Police and Correction Training Commission for certification purposes, but many are designed to enhance the knowledge of the many aspects to the law enforcement profession.

Some of the training that is instructed by our officers includes topics such as Active Shooter Response, ASP Baton, Autism Awareness, Rape and Sex Offenses, Motor Vehicle Law, and Officer Survival. Many of these training events include practical exercises which entails simulated force on force training that offers the closest thing possible to a real world situation.

The Havre de Grace Police Department also has a cadre of Maryland State certified firearms instructors. These firearms instructors have been certified through the Maryland Police and Corrections Training Commission and share collectively over 48 years of law enforcement experience with the other officers. In addition to law enforcement experience, some of our firearms instructors have served in the same capacity in the United States Armed Forces. These instructors have brought valuable knowledge to the agency that was gained through life experiences serving abroad in their respective branch of service.

Our firearms instructors are responsible for conducting mandatory firearms qualifications, use of force training, and supplemental training that enhances the firearms skills of each officer.

All of our instructors, both academic and firearms, fulfill this important role as an additional duty to their permanent duty assignment


If you would like a copy of a incident report from The Havre de Grace Police Department please contact Criminal Records Monday thru Friday between the hours of 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. The cost of a police report is 5.00 dollars. Victims of domestic violence are given reports at no charge. If you have any questions please contact 410-939-2121 ext.1152