Public Hearings on Ordinance Nos. 1116 & 1117 – August 21, 2023

    The Mayor and City Council of Havre de Grace will hold public hearings on Monday, August 21 at 7 pm in the City Council Chambers, 711 Pennington Avenue, Havre de Grace, to receive public comment on Ordinance Nos. 1116 & 1117.

    Ordinance No. 1116 – An ordinance for the purpose of adopting recommendations from the Truck Traffic Workgroup and to amend City Code 190-21.

    Ordinance No. 1117 – An ordinance for the purpose of approving a contract with ThinkBig Networks to install, lease, use and maintain fiber optic cable in the City of Havre de Grace.

    A copy of Ordinance Nos. 1116 & 1117 is available for review at City Hall or you can click on the ordinance numbers above.

    The meeting may be viewed live by visiting the City of Havre de Grace website at and click on the City YouTube Videos tab.  The video will be available to view on the website immediately following the meeting.