Water Treatment Plant – Referendum Question A

    Question and Answer Sheet

    1. Is this to repair aging infrastructure?
    Yes. The last major water treatment plant renovation was in the early 1980’s.
    2. Is the city going to stop looking for grants & sponsors if the referendum passes?
    No. The City always seeks grants for the improvements to the facility and infrastructure.
    3. Will this money be used to expand the City limits and build more houses?
    No. The renovations and plant enhancements will enable to produce more water to sell to customers outside of our City limits thereby increasing our productivity which will lower our overall production expenses.
    4. Is this to supply water for a new hospital?
    No. The City can currently meet the water needs for the proposed hospital without
    Increasing water production.
    The last major Water Treatment Plant renovation was is the early 1980’s. Recent investments made toward repair and maintenance of the facility have not kept up with the declining performance of the equipment and the facility at large.
    Repairs and replacement of critical components are needed and will be made regardless of the passing of Question A. The term of the loan will be fifteen years at an interest rate not to exceed 3 percent.
    An increase in water production and sales will more than offset the loan expenses necessary for the repairs and replacement of equipment as well as the upgrades for increase production capacity.