Planning commission – February 22, 2021

    Public Notice: The Planning  Commission will meet on February 22, 2021, at 6:30  PM. Members of the public who would like to observe the meeting should visit the City’s YouTube page at the date and time of the meeting.


    City Council Chambers

    February 22, 2021

    6:30 PM


    1. Call to Order
    1. Roll Call
    1. Old Business
      1. Continuation of the previous meeting to review the subdivision of Parcel F of Bulle Rock for 102 single-family residential dwellings.
    1. New Business
    1. Adjournment

    ****Special Instructions for Meeting****

    The Planning Commission meeting will be held virtually using the Zoom meeting platform.  The Zoom meeting will be live-streamed to YouTube.  If citizens only wish to view the meeting and not participate, it is not necessary to obtain a Zoom link.  The YouTube link will be on the City’s homepage prior to the meeting; or you can subscribe to the City’s YouTube page and click on the meeting when it appears.  For those who wish to participate, please provide Shane Grimm, Director of Planning, with your name, address and phone number by 5:00pm on Monday, February 22nd.  The link will be provided the day of the meeting.  Citizens may also choose to have their comments read into the record if they do not wish to speak during the virtual meeting.  All comments must also be received by 5:00pm.  If you have any questions about the meeting or the project, please contact Mr. Grimm at  The following protocols must be observed during the meeting:

    1. Do not share the link to the meeting.  Only those residents who have a verified name, email and/or phone number will be invited into the Zoom meeting.
    1. Participants shall observe professional and respectful decorum during the meeting.  City staff reserve the right to remove any participant from the meeting for failure to observe these protocols.
    1. Participants will be individually admitted into the meeting at the appropriate time as determined by the Chair of the Planning Commission.  The meeting can only be viewed on YouTube until participants are admitted into the meeting.
    1. Once you are admitted, please close out of YouTube as there is a slight delay in the livestream.  If you do not close out of YouTube, the other participants in the meeting will not be able to hear you.