Tree Maintance Information

    The tree contract has started and will take up to 90 days to complete and affect approximately 60 trees. This will include pruning, trimming, elevating, removing deadwood and the removal of trees(14) due to disease, decay, dead, or interference with utilities. Specifically, the green ash trees, which are being decimated by the emerald ash borer (EAB), which is an invasive insect. The removal locations are as follows.
    1. 2 – Green ash trees at the N/E corner of Union and Congress (emerald ash borer)
    2. Green ash at the S/W corner of Washington and Congress (emerald ash borer)
    3. Green ash tree 366 Congress (EAB)
    4. Green ash tree 300 block N Union (EAB)
    5. Green ash tree 623 Ontario St (EAB)
    6. Pin oak tree 829 Ontario St
    7. Pin oak tree N/W corner of N Stokes and Ontario St
    8. Sycamore tree 813 Giles St
    9. Pin oak tree Tydings Park west of Ernest Burke statue
    10. Red maple S/E corner of Tydings Park east of existing bench
    11. Red maple corner of Juniata St and Congress
    12. Pin oak 606 Congress Ave
    13. Silver maple N/E corner of Fountain and S Stokes