Visit from Christophe Buzzacaro -Representative from Le Havre, France

    Yesterday  afternoon Mayor Martin welcomed Christophe Buzzacaro a representative from the city of Le Havre, France and presented him a tour of our city.
    During the tour, the two men exchanged greetings and gifts from the Mayor of Le Havre and Havre de Grace.
    The City of Havre de Grace would like to thank Mr. Buzzacaro and the City of Le Havre for their generosity today and look forward to working with them in the future. The Martin administration believes today’s visit marked the beginning of a culture and diplomatic relationship with the city of Le Havre, France.
    Mayor Martin was accompanied by the First Lady, Council President Glenn, interpreter Wanda Boker and city staff. Mr. Buzzacaro was accompanied by his wife Melanie, his daughter, and a friend of the Buzzacaro family. LH Le Havre