Water Service during COVID – 19 State of Emergency

    In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, the City of Havre de Grace has suspended imposing late payment penalties on unpaid City invoices. Additionally, the City has suspended disconnecting your service for unpaid invoices. Please be advised that charges for service are still due and payable, but late payment penalties will not be assessed on delinquent payments nor service interrupted for non-payment until such time as the Governor rescinds that component of his Executive Order.

    The City will work with residents who find themselves unable to pay their City service invoices. We understand the difficult financial situation this pandemic may have placed you in and assure you that our objective is to help you as you recover. Please contact Ms. Michele Widman at City Hall, (410) 939-1800, or by e-mail at michelew@havredegracemd.com, to make payment arrangements and avoid being too far in areas when the Governor’s Executive Order is rescinded.