What can and what cannot be collected as Yard Waste?

    Maryland Environmental Services has posted the following list of what can and what cannot be collected as Yard Waste.

    Items that cannot be collected as Yard Waste include: root balls, dirt attached to flowers, weeds, etc – dirt or soil of any kind, mulch, rocks, bamboo, noctious weeds (such as poison ivy) diseased or infested plant materials or tree stumps. Any of these items placed in yard waste collections will be rejected at the landfill so our contractor cannot collect them from you. 
    WHY? Dirt, root balls and tree stumps cause the blades and grinders to break or become too dull to do their work.  the other items on the rejected list will contaminate the mulch and compost they are making.
    What can be collected is: grass clippings, leaves, tree and bush trimmings, brush, flowers and vegetable garden plant material – but again no dirt.
    Shake the dirt off of all Yard Waste into your yard and dispose of root balls – no matter how small – into your regular garbage. Please share this with your neighbors. Please call Harford County’s Environmental Services at 410-638-3418 or 410-638-3417